Keep Our Parks Advertising Free – Bristol City Council debate

Adblock Bristol raised a petition (that now has over 4000 signatures) opposing Bristol City Council’s proposal to fund parks by selling advertising space in them. This is a video of the petition being presented and then debated in a full council meeting on Tues 20 March 2018.

‘Low impact’ advertising in parks to be considered despite public opposition

A report of the Bristol City Council debate on 20th March 2018 regarding Adblock Bristol’s petition to ‘Keep Our Parks Advertising Free’.  Article from the Bristol Cable – by Hannah Vickers

‘Low impact’ advertising in parks to be considered despite public opposition

Advertising is likely to be allowed in parks with the possibility of billboards appearing in the future.

‘Low impact’ advertising in Bristol’s parks is likely to go ahead with the council refusing to rule out allowing billboards in the future, despite strong support for a petition and councillors agreeing on the negative impact.

A petition against the council’s controversial proposal to allow advertising in parks got nearly 4,000 signatures, forcing a full council debate on 20 March.

While Deputy Mayor Asher Craig said that billboards aren’t yet part of the plans, they weren’t ruling them out completely. “We cannot preclude this from ever happening as we may need to explore this again in the future if more income is required for council services,” she said.

Craig said that austerity had put the council “between a rock and a hard place” as the council tries to close the £108m budget gap.

Allowing advertising in parks would bring in an estimated £50,000 a year, but parks are set to lose £2.86 million a year from 2019.

The council says that services will need to be “run in a very different way, working in partnership with communities to look at income generation opportunities, while also making savings and making services as efficient as possible”.

“It’s a positive that the council are almost overwhelmingly sympathetic to the principle but also disappointing and frustrating that the council doesn’t seem to be willing or able to act on those feelings”

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