AdBlock Bristol is working towards a city that celebrates its creativity and independence, where communities have a say in what they see in the city’s streets and other public spaces. AdBlock Bristol is opposed to billboards and other corporate outdoor advertising, preferring a visual environment which reflects the unique identity of our city, the values of local communities and the local economy.

Adblock Bristol emerged out of a desire to create a city free from the pressures of corporate outdoor advertising.  We see Bristol as a progressive forward-thinking city and would like it to follow the example of Sau Paulo in Brazil and Grenoble in France to end outdoor advertising.

We are a new group looking to do the following:

  1. Support residents in opposing planning applications for new advertising sites.
  2. Engage in a constructive dialogue with Bristol City Council about the advertising sites it controls and future planning policy.
  3. Engage in a constructive dialogue with private landlords about the harmful impacts of corporate advertising and positive alternatives for those spaces.

Who we are

Adblock Bristol is a diverse coalition including Bristol residents, planning groups, artists, councillors and community groups, from areas across Bristol including Easton, Eastville, Ashley, St Paul’s, Bedminster and Southville.

We hold regular meetings which anyone is welcome to join, and you can also join our mailing list to stay up to date with our latest news and ways to get involved.

We are volunteer led and we currently receive funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.